Visualizing Early Baltimore

Slave Streets, Free Streets:

Credits and Bibliography


Project Directors

Anne Sarah Rubin, Professor of History and Associate Director, Imaging Research Center, UMBC
Dan Bailey, Professor of Visual Arts, UMBC


Mark Jarzynski, IRC Technical Director for Programming
Ryan Zuber, IRC Technical Director for Modeling
Lindsay Previtt, Geographic iInformation Systems specialist

Historical Research

Kaiia Heck Coleman
Alex Sievers

2D and 3D Content Creation Assistants

Ata Chaudhry
Ebony McKay
Natalia Mitiuriev
Mario Moya
Emma O'Donnell
Teng Yang


Office of Research Development, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Thank You

Lee Boot
Rachel Brubaker
Mary Ellen Hayward
Ed Papenfuse
Marsha Velli


Primary and Secondary Sources